Luxor, Here I come

In exactly one week I will be, once again, leaving for Egypt. I just wish the trip were not so long. Isn't it time we should be able to travel within seconds rather than hours? As much as I enjoy visiting Egypt, I really hate the travel time.

The shop is slow going and hopefully will pick up soon. The tribal fusion belly dance classes are going well. Audrea, who is teaching the classes, is blessed and currently pregnant. Congratulations!!!

We performed last Wednesday night for the old timers; these old vets are a total trip ;) We were not sure if they were paying attention to us or to their dinner! It was fun and hopefully we will be asked again next year.

We were also asked at the last minute to perform for the Vallejo Art Center on Sunday. Thank goodness both Audrea and Lexi are available.

Well, I better get a start on my day,

happy shimmies