it is difficult to celebrate the new year with all the flooding that took place yesterday, here in Northern CA. these poor people are facing the new year with their homes flooded, highways closed due to flooding and mud slides; many need to be evacuated. it may seem selfish, but i thank my stars that i do not live in a flood zone. it rained like the dickens; with another storm on the way today.

on tuesday i had a small accident which led me to the hospital and have a doctor look at a small cut on my head. well, at least i thought it was minor. i remember the time that a cut on the head may or may not require stitches. the doctor cleaned out my cut and said he was going to glue it close, you heard me, glued. i asked if he was going to use crazy glue and his response was, "yes"; strangest thing.

i had one heck of a lump on my forehead; i had to call and cancel a performance scheduled on the same evening. geez, it is now 5 days and i still have a small lump and it is still sore. it was not as minor as i originally thought.

2006, another year to live our lives accordingly, to have a sense of accomplishment, another chance to do something we have always wanted to do.

my husband asked me what is going to happen in 2006. my response, "i don't want to know; just go with the flow."

have a safe & wonderful new year. wishing health, wealth and happiness; not necessarily in that order.