Merry Christmas Everyone

Wow, another Christmas and I, as usual, am unprepared. Running the store is tough, but i am enjoying it very much. there is something to say about not having someone breathing down your back when you are trying to work. the success of the store is on my shoulders and my shoulders alone; this makes me happy. for when it finally takes off, i will have a sense of accomplishment.

well, i better get back to my food. i am making the traditional Puerto Rican dinner; pernil, arroz con gandules, tostones and coquito. much to do.

wishing you all a very merry christmas and a prosperous new year!



Upcoming Event

Hi all, things seem to be taking a life of their own since I opened up shop.

Upon the numerous request for dance classes, Audrea and I will beging teaching Tribal Fusion Belly Dance on January 11, 2006. The location will be the Vallejo Movement Center, 543 Georgia Street, Vallejo. The classes will be held every Monday night from 6:30 til 8:30 PM. The fees are as follows: $50.00 for the month and $12.00 for drop in.

Not only do I have this on my plate, Adolfo (a very good friend of mine) and I are planning a pre-valentine party. This is big, we have rented a beautiful room at 707 Marin Street, Vallejo. This event includes a show. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I believe it is going to be phenomenal, it is a combination of cabaret (Adolfo and friends performing) and belly dance.

Much to do! I am so trying not to freak out. With Tempest retiring from dance, yes, we have lost our beautiful tempest. This decision made us sad, however, we do support her in her decision and we are still very good friends. Estefania is recovering nicely, but does not think she could perform in February. Therefore, that leaves Audrea, a new recruit, Lexi and myself.

We have started working on our routine and need to work harder. If I make it through this, i will consider myself very fortunate.

Well, gotta go

Happy Holidays to All