Wow, time does go by quickly

my, my, my, have not noticed how much time has gone by since i have last blogged. much has happened.

i have returned to egypt twice (making it a total of three times within six months), and finally i have my own business; Raven's Fire.

yes, you did read this right; i am the proud owner of a belly dance shoppe in the downtown Vallejo district. my opening day was halloween; appropriate, don't you think?

things are slow, but hope that sales will increase with the upcoming holiday season. i offer much more than dance costumes (by the way, i cater to both cabaret and tribal), i have perfumed oils, crystal perfume bottles, papyrus, jewelry and lots more. the local newspaper was quite interested in the shop and i was interviewed this past Tuesday. geez, i am afraid what this article is going to look like.

it is very hard work, harder than i could have ever anticipated, but it is so worth it. i am my own boss and it feels so gosh darn good.

There will be more coming soon, promise ;)

Happy Holidays to All