Gonna' get maa-aaa-aaried!

This is it!!!! We leave tomorrow morning for Mendocino, our wedding destination. And you know what??? I am nervous, have wedding jitters, what ever....I mean WTF???? I've done this before (#1) and (#2) I've lived with this man for 16 years now. Why am I so nervous/jittery? OK...I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off all day today (god that sounds awful! poor chicken) doing last minute shopping, getting my car serviced, getting my toes serviced (pedicure!!!!), not to mention working! I think that ever since I told everyone that we are getting married, I keep running into people that tell me stories of friends or relatives in similar situations, have lived together forever, blah, blah, blah; got married, then divorced within a year. I think that is what has me freaked. This won't happen....it won't. Seriously, living with someone as long as we have, is marriage. I mean really, who else would put up with me.....this crazy, middle aged, belly dancer/artist/mother/....not to mention my professional life????? And then, the other side of the coin....who else would put up with him????

So....enough about weddings and jitters and oh my god......!!!!!! You would think that someone of my age and stature (don't you love that word??) would be alot calmer than this! But.....no, not me! Any way....the whole reason I started this post is because, dear reader, I can dance! Yes...dance. We went over to a friend's house the other night for dinner, and we started to play old Motown, and B52's and reggae and my two best friends (that I have known since we were 18) and I started to dance. OK, they were dancing....and they pulled me up.....and I did a hip drop....and it was OK....and then I did a sort of shimmy....and it was OK....and....I...was....dancing!!! YES!!!!!! DANCING!!!!!!!!!! It is amazing what the body can do, even though I have been baby-ing my new knee, I can dance! I am so jazzed! Can you tell?????
So, when we come back next week, from my wedding, (all my dance sisters will be there) our wonderful teacher, Audrea, is starting a new venture. She will be teaching classes in another friends studio, beginning tribal style dance, and I am going to attend and "ease" back into belly-dance! I am so happy that my knee is healing. And you know what???? I am going to dance at my wedding!!!!!!