Year of the Knee

So....turns out I am not the only one dealing with knee issues. Tempest has a miniscus (sp?) tear in her knee; Medina just had her knee aspirated ( arthritis?). My knee is "healing"; every day its just a little bit better. Physical therapy in on-going. But.....with all of us dealing with knee issues my thoughts have begun to wander. What if I really can't dance anymore? We are all older than 40; some of us are 50ish (!). Our tribal dance instructor is pregnant. WTF? Is the universe telling us something? But we love to dance! What do I do??????? Become a drummer (dumbek)?......Design costumes??? (Ethnic textiles = my first love). It really is scary thinking that a chapter in my life, that I enjoy so much, could end. Its all about getting older. Crap!!!!!! Where did the time go? I was just getting into this whole "belly dancer" image! So, it seems, yet another chapter in my life is possibly ending and then again, beginning. And speaking of beginnings, my wedding is in a couple of weeks....YIKES!!!!!!!! This was supposed to be a small, casual gathering of family and friends. The guest list has surpassed 30; mind you, everyone attending has to drive to and stay in Mendocino, a small town on the coast of Northern California, one of my very favorite places, and it ain't cheap!!!!! And I have taken over the planning of said event. It started out with my fiance (I love that word!!!!) planning everything. "How lucky am I?", I thought. Well.....his efforts all fell through and to make a long blog entry short, I am now planning it. And goodness.....I never had a real "wedding", even though I've been married before. So, I am torn between keeping it simple or doing a real Martha Stewart number!!!!! You know???? Well....I'm opting for simple, especially since I've started researching food, cake, etc!!! Just mention the word "wedding" and the $ signs start adding up! Did I mention this is not our first and we are over 50! I understand now, the wedding "jitters"....I can't imagine planning a "big" wedding with all the trimmings!!!!! So......keep me in your thoughts, dear reader. I am pulling my hair out over all of this!!!!!!!