Summer 2005

Wow.....it's mid-July already. No one has posted for awhile......are we busy????? Of course we are, it's summer! My favorite time of the year, however, this summer I am overwhelmed by the saga of the new knee. Physical therapy is torture, even though it is very necessary. However it has taken over my life! I exaggerate, but come on people! It is 3 times a week and I am there about an hour and a half...then I have my exercises I have to do at home 2 to 3 times a day.....and I thought belly dancing was hard! And of course I have become one of those boring people that talks of nothing else but her kneee and the surgery and blah, blah, blahhhh. That's because its the first thing people ask me about when they see me......my knee has taken over! Ah well, I am alive and healthy; I can drive now and walk without a cane. Can't dance yet, but that will come........someday.

How's your summer?