Estefania has a new knee!

I'm baaaaaack! Yay, I'm home. Being in the hospital for major surgery was quite an experience. I'm just glad its over with. I've never felt so helpless. Is much better now, I am mobile, with a walker and doing good. I just had my first home visit from the physical therapist that I will be seeing 2 X's a week and she was surprised at my flexibility. Of course I told her it was because I'm a dancer. She was amazed at how well I am walking and how well I've been doing my exercises. I am determined to dance again. Next week we will work on going up and down stairs with crutches. That will be nice, to sleep in my own bed with DFH! Am stuck downstairs until then.

I have been learning many lessons, going through all of this. I've learned alot about myself, how fiercely independant I am. Because of that I'm learning how to ask for help. I've been taking pleasure in alot of little things, simple pleasures that I took for granted. For example, yesterday I was able to put on my socks by myself for the first time since the surgery! It felt like a major accomplishment; it felt good! And I've begun to realize just how blessed I am with my many friends who have offered to help out at home, bring me anything I need, taxi me around. I'm humbled.

So.....my goal is to be able to dance at my wedding in September. Think I can do it?