Women's Art Coop - May 1, 2005 Posted by Hello

This is me ;) One of the finer pictures taken, if I should say so myself. Sisters In Dance performed at the Women's Art coop in the beginning of May. We love doing this particular event. If you check previous postings, you will notice that we dance approximately twice a year for them. We love it and they love us!

It has been a while since I have posted. I am back to a somewhat normal life. I still have the feeling of abandonment, but, I will get over it (like I get over everything else).

Today is Rick's birthday (hubby); I will be taking him out to dinner and I had invited Estefania and her future hubby. Should be fun.

I am now planning my vacation for 2006; this time the dancers are going to Morocco. This is going to be just as great as Egypt. This time we are going to be spending time with the berbers (a desert tribe). Gosh, I am so looking forward to it. I think after this visit I will have a better handle on tribal costuming.

Here is a great big HI to the gentelmen that made our Egyptian trip memorable:
Mohammed Sallam, Gamal and last but not least, our escort Ahmad. If I get pictures from the other gals with them in it, I will be more than happy to post them.

Well, that is all for now; the sisters have many, many performances coming up (feel free to bookmark our calendar). We are getting better but not good enough for me to feel comfortable going out in public as a troupe. I would like to move as one by the time the Desert Dance and the Redwood Bellydance Festival comes around. But that means the upcoming rehearsals is either going make or literally break the Sisters In Dance.



Life is always full of surprises.....During my birthday weekend in Mendocino I got a big one! After living together for 16 years and raising 5 children (blended family) DFH and I are getting married. Yes married, as in I now wear the most beautiful solitaire diamond engagement ring, married. We are looking at September, Labor Day weekend, in Mendocino, our favorite place.

And...we moved...to a wonderful house owned by a very good friend that I've known since I was about 14. I've been very fortunate to know this woman, who in my later years has become a very good friend. More about her in another post. This move has been a long time coming for us as well as her. For us it has meant no children. Period. It is just us...in this house (home) it is only us and has only been us...Just DFH (dear future husband) and I. You don't know what a thrill this is! And it is in a small California community that we have always loved, where everything we do socially is. I mean everything.....dance, art, baseball, darts, pub...and friends, lots of friends, nearby, which brings me to my next change.....knee surgery. I am at the point where I am looking forward to it. Listen to me people....I am looking forward - to major, invasive, surgery! I am so tired of not being able to do all of my normal activities. I CAN'T DANCE!!!! THIS SUCKS!!!! I so can't wait for this to be fixed. And I am so blessed with friends, from every corner, that insist I call them when I need help, after the procedure. Thank you in advance, to all of you. And to my "Sisters"...thank you for understanding when I don't show up for practice.....I CAN'T DANCE! And I can't stand to just sit there and watch....I want to be there with you dancing (OK....pretending I "get" it, dancing!) so....soon....soon I will be there with you. Just know I am there in spirit.