Well, I have returned to my normal self whatever normal is ;)

We have a Mardi Gras parade coming up as well as a performance. We are so unprepared. Tempest has fractured her foot while trying to avoid stepping on the kitty and Estefania is getting by on her injured knee, Audrea is working that weekend. Well, there is no way that I can do a show by myself.

I know this is the universe's way of telling me something, what, I still have to figure that out. I do know that I am totally not liking this lesson by any means.

Off to a different topic; I am still on vacation; still smiling, still maxing and relaxing. I have been keeping in contact with Li'a and I am planning on going to the Sahara with her next year. I have tried e-mailing the people I had met in Egypt, but have had no response. Out of sight out of mind, isn't that the way of the world.

I do wish that things were better in the dance troupe, but they are what they are. I have much posted on the web site, but there is still so much to post.

Well, it is getting late and I better go.