Sisters on March 9, 2005

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In reply to Sultana's blog, I must agree. We kicked butt on Wednesday night and we showed our audience that we are "Sisters In Dance". Since I took the photo, I am not in the pic. Sorry guys, maybe next time.

In the pic, on your left, is our new adopted sister, Audrea, she is just a wonderful addition to our family. She adds the American Tribal Flavor to the troupe and she is awsome.

We did have a blast on top of it all and we will definitely do this again without any hesitation. Those old timers sure know how to have a good time ;)

On another note, Pat and I have less than three weeks to get ready for our trip. Alrighty then ;) I still have much to do and very little time left. As Sultana mentioned, Rakkasah is next weekend and after that I have just one weekend left to finish packing and getting in the last minute shopping done for the trip. Well, let me drag that big ole suitcase out of the closet.