It's the little things

Hello, I just wanted the world to know that our dance gig on March 9th went great. The Sisters were there with me as well as our newest sister- Audrea. She is a vision in tribal style. Everyone brought their own flavor and flare to the show which was wonderful. We were hit with some obsticles apon arrival at this show but overcame them with class and sas. It was our first time out for a payed show. In my opinion, we kicked some ass! OK, so the crowd was 99% male and over the age of 65, but it was a gas and they were greatful for a relief from their chicken dinners which were being served as we danced about. We were all divas to the end. Rakassah is just around the corner and I am looking forward to seeing all the dancers and vendors alike. I always come away with great ideas and am so inspired. I am somewhat sad that we are not dancing this year but I also do not miss all the practices and bickering trying to get everything perfect. I need to save my strength for next year. See you there. Tempest Sultana