Bionic woman ain't got nuttin' on me!

Well fan, I've started the process in motion. I am getting a new knee the beginning of June. I am anxious, to say the least, for several reasons: I've never had major surgery; I want to be pain free; I won't be able to drive the whole recovery time; I'll be dependent on friends and family, something extremly difficult for a fiercely independent person like me; but.....I want to be able to dance for the rest of my "remaining" years!

Been dancing with the sistah's the last couple of weeks since we have our first "paying" gig and they wanted me to be a part of this. I had just finished my last round of Synvisc injections in my knee, the second time we got together to choreograph. It was time to s*** or get off the pot! I was crossing my fingers that the injections were working (takes a few weeks to reach full effect). I took a pain killer, bought a heavy duty knee brace, had a glass of wine and was off! Very gingerly, I did the first steps of our entrance.....I was dancing...it worked. I can dance right now, have been, not 100% there, but dancing. You can't tell, with my harem pants under a skirt that I have a knee brace on. And it works....did I say that??!! I'm dancing! So, Wednesday night, the four of us are gonna knock 'em dead......figuratively....we are dancing for "old timers" night after all. I am very excited. We have stepped things up a notch working with our good friend, "A" (don't know if she wants her name in print!) who is teaching us tribal style dancing. We put together a short entrance routine that looks pretty good for just a few short weeks of work.

And, OH, the anticipation of performing!!!!!


Crap! Just did a whole long, additional nice entry and it got erased. that's what I get for trying to spell check. Don't have time to re-create. More next time.