The Slump of 2005 is Over!

Goodness me! Just when I thought I had to hang up my tribal bra; along comes a paying gig on March 9th. Finally, somenting to look forward to. Well, sort of, now we have to get our act together. We found a fantastic teacher of tribal dance and we are working our tushies off, trying to learn a couple of routines for the gig. This is so worth the sweat.

Not only did that job come along, I was contacted by an old friend this afternoon who wants the troupe to perform at his restaurant bar for tips! I had almost accepted instantly. However, I told him I had to discuss it with the other girls. I talked to Audrea and Stephanie and they were surprised that I did not accept right then and there. So I called Joe and we are going to hash out the details on Sunday, while we, Joe, Joanne, Rick and I, go "
wine tasting" ;) Tempest, don't get upset with me, I will tell you why I accepted without consulting you when we meet on Thursday night, I'll bring champagne? (sheepish grin).

WooHoo, the Sisters will be a known name soonish in the City of Vallejo. And when we pull off March 9th, we are in like flin! Uh oh, did I just show my age? :-)

Good news, Estefania is feeling better and will try to practice with us on Thursday night. I am so looking forward to dancing with her again; she adds a certain je ne se qua (not sure of the french spelling).

Once again I did not make the class with Loa. It seems that I have been using all sorts of excuses as to skip class. Well, this is true. Tonight I wanted to spend time with my valentine. I made dinner and we sat and ate together. This is rare because on a work week we both come home tired and the most we do is to nuke a tv dinner. So, tonight was the night that Rick and I enjoyed each other's company. Besides, it was raining cats and dogs and I hate driving in the pouring rain and the freeways were a mess Maybe next week.

Well, that is that for now, I will tell you about my Kaiser nightmare at another time.

Stay cool and happy shimmies