The Count Down is On!

I received an e-mail from Li'a reminding me that our trip to Egypt is just under six weeks away. I really have to get my tushy in gear. I need to purchase a carry-on bag with wheels and other necessities (under garments). It has been suggested to take acidophilus to help strengthen the immune system; I did purchase a bottle. However, there is something about ingesting micro-organisms that is not sitting right with me. Can someone offer a better way of avoiding the Pharaoh’s curse?

So, I guess today, I will work on our costumes for a few hours and pack a few summer things afterwards. I am going to have to make a check list. I know that while we are on the cruise ship I don't have to worry about covering up too much. It is when we disembark to our tours that I must have the proper clothing and headcovers. I know most of the women going are not thinking the way I am, but I feel this way, "When in Rome do as the Romans do". In other words, better safe than sorry.

Well, gotta go, much to do and so little time.