Uh Oh ;(

Is it me or is time really is passing by like a whrilwind? The Sisters met tonight to rehearse for our gig on the ninth of March. We realized that we only have a few more times to meet before we perform. Then I am still trying to get it together to leave on the thirtyfirst of March. There is much to do and so little time! Costumes to complete, things to pack, grandchildren to have over the weekend, shopping, making reservations in a NY hotel for the day we return from Egypt. We need a break before hopping on another plane home.

Well, gotta go, many things to do, including preparing for work tomorrow.



The Count Down is On!

I received an e-mail from Li'a reminding me that our trip to Egypt is just under six weeks away. I really have to get my tushy in gear. I need to purchase a carry-on bag with wheels and other necessities (under garments). It has been suggested to take acidophilus to help strengthen the immune system; I did purchase a bottle. However, there is something about ingesting micro-organisms that is not sitting right with me. Can someone offer a better way of avoiding the Pharaoh’s curse?

So, I guess today, I will work on our costumes for a few hours and pack a few summer things afterwards. I am going to have to make a check list. I know that while we are on the cruise ship I don't have to worry about covering up too much. It is when we disembark to our tours that I must have the proper clothing and headcovers. I know most of the women going are not thinking the way I am, but I feel this way, "When in Rome do as the Romans do". In other words, better safe than sorry.

Well, gotta go, much to do and so little time.


The Slump of 2005 is Over!

Goodness me! Just when I thought I had to hang up my tribal bra; along comes a paying gig on March 9th. Finally, somenting to look forward to. Well, sort of, now we have to get our act together. We found a fantastic teacher of tribal dance and we are working our tushies off, trying to learn a couple of routines for the gig. This is so worth the sweat.

Not only did that job come along, I was contacted by an old friend this afternoon who wants the troupe to perform at his restaurant bar for tips! I had almost accepted instantly. However, I told him I had to discuss it with the other girls. I talked to Audrea and Stephanie and they were surprised that I did not accept right then and there. So I called Joe and we are going to hash out the details on Sunday, while we, Joe, Joanne, Rick and I, go "
wine tasting" ;) Tempest, don't get upset with me, I will tell you why I accepted without consulting you when we meet on Thursday night, I'll bring champagne? (sheepish grin).

WooHoo, the Sisters will be a known name soonish in the City of Vallejo. And when we pull off March 9th, we are in like flin! Uh oh, did I just show my age? :-)

Good news, Estefania is feeling better and will try to practice with us on Thursday night. I am so looking forward to dancing with her again; she adds a certain je ne se qua (not sure of the french spelling).

Once again I did not make the class with Loa. It seems that I have been using all sorts of excuses as to skip class. Well, this is true. Tonight I wanted to spend time with my valentine. I made dinner and we sat and ate together. This is rare because on a work week we both come home tired and the most we do is to nuke a tv dinner. So, tonight was the night that Rick and I enjoyed each other's company. Besides, it was raining cats and dogs and I hate driving in the pouring rain and the freeways were a mess Maybe next week.

Well, that is that for now, I will tell you about my Kaiser nightmare at another time.

Stay cool and happy shimmies


My Sis on the Eve of Halloween

Estefania on a Good Day :-) Posted by Hello

Hee, hee, hee, she is so going to kill me for this :-) But Estefania sent this pic via e-mail to me and I had the misfortune of opening up this lovely graphic @ 6:30 in the morning. Hello, Yikes!

We had fun that night; great memories of Cynthia's birthday celebration.