Your mother's blog!

I was reading one of my favorite, OK my all time favorite blog, and one of the comments made was something like "I wonder what my mother would write about if she had a blog?" I had to laugh! I AM YOUR MOTHER!!!!! Seems like all of the blogs I read are written by people under 30 who have just had babies! Where are all of the baby boomer bloggers? Does anyone blog about the "joys" (she says sarcastically) of parenting teenagers; about being an empty-nester; about being a middle aged belly dancer???? Is this a generational thing? To quote Pink Flloyd (see I really am that old!) ...."Is anybody out there???"

On to another topic I corrrelate to "old" age....I've had my second knee injection, still don't feel any better. I am in constant pain, a new experience for me, even though this has been going on for 3 months now, its still new. I hate it. It does make me feel old . I wake up hurting, I don't sleep very well. I walk with a limp all the time....I look like my mother, and she's ooooold! I hurt. I want this to go away, I hate not being able to dance. I keep trying now that I am getting these injections and I still can't put any weight on it, therefore I can't dance. I try to avoid thinking about it, but its always there... cause it hurts. And the thought of knee replacement surgery....aarrgggh. Even more time I can't dance. What's a mother to do???????