The Winter Blahs

Yes, I also am dragging myself around to do anything at all. I am going to make myself go to bellydance class and do something on Tuesday. I feel so much better once I actually get there and start moving around. I need the class to destress. My job tends to be quite stressful. My husband and I are house hunting and getting ready to sell ours. All the torture of visiting with the lenders and touring home after bloody home. Why are homes so expensive here?(CA Bay Area) We are just working stiffs making average wages here but the housing market starts in the 500K range. Gimme a F..king break. Well, we are waiting for the big earthquake to hit so we can buy a fixer from some homeowner who didn't purchase earthquake insurance. Maybe then prices will be more reasonable. Ha! Come to think of it we don't have earthquake insurance either- too expensive. Any solutions other than the lottery. A trailer park in Texas, here we come!!!!!