It's Sunday already, Sunday afternoon. It was just Friday night! I had big plans for this weekend. I was going to get my tax returns done and then do some artwork. My art co-op has a big show coming up on the 12th at Greenfield Winery and I want to have some new pieces. We did a show there in October and it was such great fun, Elijah, tasting room goddess, invited us back for a show on Valentines weekend coupled with chocolate and of course, wine tasting. If memory serves, the name of this event is "SweetArt"! So here it is Sunday afteernoon and I'm still in my jammies, catching up with all of my favorite bloggers. Taxes not done yet, no new art work completed. Sigh.....I guess I'll get my butt in gear and get to work. I did turn on my computer so that I would get my taxes done, but here I am blogging!

Medina and I and our spouses went out for dinner and drinks last night and we had a great time talking while the guys played darts. We were discussing dance, of course(!) and her lack of desire to go to class. I, of course, vented some more of my frustration at not being able to dance. I am giving these injections a chance to work. I have one more to go and am putting so much hope in it working, buying me at least 6 months so I can plan for this surgery. I was wishing I could go to class to dance. I feel guilty for holding up my "sisters" and our choreography. I think M and T need to tweak our routine to make it a duet that can turn into a trio dance when I am ready. Or come up with an entirely different duet that they can teach me, so that any two of us could perform it. I think we are all dealing with frustrations on some sort of level and it has us distracted. And it's winter, and no troupe performances coming up, let alone a comitted troupe! I'm talking the bigger troupe we are a part of. We all seem to be waiting for something, just not sure what! Ah well.....must get taxes done.