Getting old Bites!

Well, an update, went to the doc and was advised I have arthritis of the spine. So, the plan now is to find an anti-inflammatory to help with my chronic pain.

This f'ing sucks; another med I need to take on a daily basis. And to add insult to injury, she looked at my chart and proceeded to tell me all the preventive tests I am overdue for. Like:
1) a pap
2) a mammogram
3) an eye exam
4) diabetic retinal screen
5) the pneumonia vaccine, because of my age
6) a sigmoidscopy!!! because of my age, arrgh
7) blood test to check my cholesterol, blood sugar, iron, etc

The next two weeks, I will be seeing alot of the inside of this clinic or should I say, they will be seeing alot of my insides. Oy!

Well, gee, ya know! I am now convinced that the man upstairs has a really sick sense of humor. Is all this really necessary or is it another way for this HMO to get money? Inquiring minds want to know.

Can you say, bite me?