Egypt, get ready!

I got my viiiiiisa; I got my viiiiiiiisa! I was a little apprehensive when I applied because I had to send my passport with the visa application and photo to the Egyptian Consulate by snail mail. But I did everything Priority Mail with delivery confirmation and all went well. Well guys and gals, I am going to start packing.

The only thing is, I wish my husband would accompany me. I am going to experience this once in a lifetime event without Ricky by my side; this is making me sad. However, due to out kitty kats and not having anyone to look in on them and spend a little time playing with them, both Ricky and I are hesitant in leaving them alone for more than a weekend. Yes, you guessed it, we take separate vacations and it is so getting on my nerves this time. I really would love to have Ricky standing beside me while gazing in wonder at the pyramids and the sphinx ;-(

Oh well, life’s a b____ and one keeps living.

Off the topic of my Egypt trip, I have not gone to dance class in three weeks. I no longer have the incentive or the drive. It has a to do with lack of enthusiasm, no scheduled performances in the near future, the lack of guidance, Estefania's health problem, etc.

I really want to dance again, but what I am looking for is not available in my area. I love the tribal, gypsy, flamenco fusion thing. I really dislike driving half an hour to go to dance class I really enjoy in Berkeley, then getting home late to get up early and go to work. Something has to give! Any suggestions? I am wide open!

It is really difficult for Estefania to make the decision on the whole knee replacement. I can totally understand. I went through two back surgeries for herniated discs (both times). Surgery is a very scary thing.

The first time I had found out about my herniated disc, I did not even think about alternative treatments; I was 24 and I was not going to have back problems at that age. I jumped at having surgery after getting three opinions from orthopedic specialists. The second time around, I was then in my thirties, I tried the alternative treatments. I put myself through such torture before having the back surgery. I can tell you from experience that after the surgeries and a period of recovery, I was back to my ole self.

However, with age, as with anything else, I now have chronic back pain. I believe that the pain is due to the scar tissues that have developed as well as degenerative changes. I guess that I will find out soon enough.; I see my doc on Monday, gawd, I really hate being old!