Getting old Bites!

Well, an update, went to the doc and was advised I have arthritis of the spine. So, the plan now is to find an anti-inflammatory to help with my chronic pain.

This f'ing sucks; another med I need to take on a daily basis. And to add insult to injury, she looked at my chart and proceeded to tell me all the preventive tests I am overdue for. Like:
1) a pap
2) a mammogram
3) an eye exam
4) diabetic retinal screen
5) the pneumonia vaccine, because of my age
6) a sigmoidscopy!!! because of my age, arrgh
7) blood test to check my cholesterol, blood sugar, iron, etc

The next two weeks, I will be seeing alot of the inside of this clinic or should I say, they will be seeing alot of my insides. Oy!

Well, gee, ya know! I am now convinced that the man upstairs has a really sick sense of humor. Is all this really necessary or is it another way for this HMO to get money? Inquiring minds want to know.

Can you say, bite me?



The Winter Blahs

Yes, I also am dragging myself around to do anything at all. I am going to make myself go to bellydance class and do something on Tuesday. I feel so much better once I actually get there and start moving around. I need the class to destress. My job tends to be quite stressful. My husband and I are house hunting and getting ready to sell ours. All the torture of visiting with the lenders and touring home after bloody home. Why are homes so expensive here?(CA Bay Area) We are just working stiffs making average wages here but the housing market starts in the 500K range. Gimme a F..king break. Well, we are waiting for the big earthquake to hit so we can buy a fixer from some homeowner who didn't purchase earthquake insurance. Maybe then prices will be more reasonable. Ha! Come to think of it we don't have earthquake insurance either- too expensive. Any solutions other than the lottery. A trailer park in Texas, here we come!!!!!


It's Sunday already, Sunday afternoon. It was just Friday night! I had big plans for this weekend. I was going to get my tax returns done and then do some artwork. My art co-op has a big show coming up on the 12th at Greenfield Winery and I want to have some new pieces. We did a show there in October and it was such great fun, Elijah, tasting room goddess, invited us back for a show on Valentines weekend coupled with chocolate and of course, wine tasting. If memory serves, the name of this event is "SweetArt"! So here it is Sunday afteernoon and I'm still in my jammies, catching up with all of my favorite bloggers. Taxes not done yet, no new art work completed. Sigh.....I guess I'll get my butt in gear and get to work. I did turn on my computer so that I would get my taxes done, but here I am blogging!

Medina and I and our spouses went out for dinner and drinks last night and we had a great time talking while the guys played darts. We were discussing dance, of course(!) and her lack of desire to go to class. I, of course, vented some more of my frustration at not being able to dance. I am giving these injections a chance to work. I have one more to go and am putting so much hope in it working, buying me at least 6 months so I can plan for this surgery. I was wishing I could go to class to dance. I feel guilty for holding up my "sisters" and our choreography. I think M and T need to tweak our routine to make it a duet that can turn into a trio dance when I am ready. Or come up with an entirely different duet that they can teach me, so that any two of us could perform it. I think we are all dealing with frustrations on some sort of level and it has us distracted. And it's winter, and no troupe performances coming up, let alone a comitted troupe! I'm talking the bigger troupe we are a part of. We all seem to be waiting for something, just not sure what! Ah well.....must get taxes done.


Egypt, get ready!

I got my viiiiiisa; I got my viiiiiiiisa! I was a little apprehensive when I applied because I had to send my passport with the visa application and photo to the Egyptian Consulate by snail mail. But I did everything Priority Mail with delivery confirmation and all went well. Well guys and gals, I am going to start packing.

The only thing is, I wish my husband would accompany me. I am going to experience this once in a lifetime event without Ricky by my side; this is making me sad. However, due to out kitty kats and not having anyone to look in on them and spend a little time playing with them, both Ricky and I are hesitant in leaving them alone for more than a weekend. Yes, you guessed it, we take separate vacations and it is so getting on my nerves this time. I really would love to have Ricky standing beside me while gazing in wonder at the pyramids and the sphinx ;-(

Oh well, life’s a b____ and one keeps living.

Off the topic of my Egypt trip, I have not gone to dance class in three weeks. I no longer have the incentive or the drive. It has a to do with lack of enthusiasm, no scheduled performances in the near future, the lack of guidance, Estefania's health problem, etc.

I really want to dance again, but what I am looking for is not available in my area. I love the tribal, gypsy, flamenco fusion thing. I really dislike driving half an hour to go to dance class I really enjoy in Berkeley, then getting home late to get up early and go to work. Something has to give! Any suggestions? I am wide open!

It is really difficult for Estefania to make the decision on the whole knee replacement. I can totally understand. I went through two back surgeries for herniated discs (both times). Surgery is a very scary thing.

The first time I had found out about my herniated disc, I did not even think about alternative treatments; I was 24 and I was not going to have back problems at that age. I jumped at having surgery after getting three opinions from orthopedic specialists. The second time around, I was then in my thirties, I tried the alternative treatments. I put myself through such torture before having the back surgery. I can tell you from experience that after the surgeries and a period of recovery, I was back to my ole self.

However, with age, as with anything else, I now have chronic back pain. I believe that the pain is due to the scar tissues that have developed as well as degenerative changes. I guess that I will find out soon enough.; I see my doc on Monday, gawd, I really hate being old!



Your mother's blog!

I was reading one of my favorite, OK my all time favorite blog, and one of the comments made was something like "I wonder what my mother would write about if she had a blog?" I had to laugh! I AM YOUR MOTHER!!!!! Seems like all of the blogs I read are written by people under 30 who have just had babies! Where are all of the baby boomer bloggers? Does anyone blog about the "joys" (she says sarcastically) of parenting teenagers; about being an empty-nester; about being a middle aged belly dancer???? Is this a generational thing? To quote Pink Flloyd (see I really am that old!) ...."Is anybody out there???"

On to another topic I corrrelate to "old" age....I've had my second knee injection, still don't feel any better. I am in constant pain, a new experience for me, even though this has been going on for 3 months now, its still new. I hate it. It does make me feel old . I wake up hurting, I don't sleep very well. I walk with a limp all the time....I look like my mother, and she's ooooold! I hurt. I want this to go away, I hate not being able to dance. I keep trying now that I am getting these injections and I still can't put any weight on it, therefore I can't dance. I try to avoid thinking about it, but its always there... cause it hurts. And the thought of knee replacement surgery....aarrgggh. Even more time I can't dance. What's a mother to do???????


M.A.D. revisited

Remember my M.A.D. post???? Well it's been a couple of weeks since I've seen a specialist for my knee problems and I am still trying to process what he told me. I have Osteoarthritis; I have no cartilage in my right knee. The "cure" is total knee replacement!!! I can't dance right now...it's too painful. I've been in constant pain for almost 2 months now and over the counter medications don't work. I am going to try an injection treatment of a medication that will relieve the pain for 6 months, if it works. I am also going for a second opinion. I just can't make the decision to have surgery on just one opinion. I am scared. I am 51 and have never had any serious illness or injury, no major surgery, and this is major.


Where life's journey takes us

Tonight is the big send off party for my nephew. Yes, he is being shipped over to the middle east to help spread freedom and democracy. I'm very sad about this. He is nineteen and really knows little about anything. He looks at all this as a chance to travel and gain independence and see the world. I wish felt his optimism. I hope that the war over there is ended soon and that he is able to come home-alive. The family is suffering now and conversations are awkward. How do you say goodbye and not kill his enthusiasm for this huge journey. He is the one making the sacrifice and you'd never know it. He is a happy kid and isn't worried a bit. May peace prevail. I said my farewell privately. I won't be going to the party. Somehow it all just seems wrong. Tempest Sultana


The Saga Continues

I have shopping for hotel rooms in NYC and I am totally taken aback as to how much these hotels are asking for. Mind you, I have gone through hotels.com and travelocity. I can not believe that a room in a Holiday Inn is costing over one hundred dollars a night! Is it me or what?

Staying in NYC for three days is costing me half of what the entire Egypt trip cost for 10 days!!!! It is a good thing I have family. I am planning of spending one day at each sibling's home and then take off to the middle East. Pardon my expression, but this bites!

Stay tuned, there is much more to take care of before March 31st.


The Count Down is On!

This is a New Year and things are getting started on the right foot. I have received confirmation of our Egypt trip is a go. Yes, you heard right, I am going to Egypt in April. I am so excited that I could just scream.

This is truly a dream come true for me and I am totally beside myself. Actually, I still can't believe it. We made reservations for our trip to NYC; we decided that it was a good idea to spend a couple of days in NY before the flight to Egypt. So, I am planning to visit the old stomping grounds and adventure out to some new ones as well. I do, of course, have to visit la familia while I am there.
Geez, I don't think there is enough time ;)

Any hoo, time is going by very quickly and there is still so much left to do.

Stick around.