Odd Question

Like any middle aged dancer, we like to have pictures taken with every costume we own. Therefore, we try to have someone in the audience with a camera at every performance. More times than not, we get some decent pictures.

I like to download the decent pictures as a screen saver on my lap top. I like the not so mundane screensaver that I can actually change whenever the mood hits. While at work yesterday, one of my co-workers came into my cube and asked a question. When I had gone into the PC to see if I had the document, she saw one of the pictures taken of me when the girls and I were clowning around before a performance. The question posed to me after she viewed this picture was, “You really love yourself, don’t you?” Needless to say, I was astonished at first then replied, “Yes, yes I do.” I guess this was a response she was not expecting and changed the subject immediately.

<>So, tell me, what is so wrong about loving oneself? I feel that in order to share love and give of yourself to others, you have to love yourself. It’s really funny that people think I should feel guilty about this; not going to happen.

Why did she ask that questions?