M.A.D. (middle aged dancer, mad middle aged dancer!)

OK.....I'm frantic.....as I said before, I'm O.L.D.! Hate it....my arthritis in my knees is really bothering me to the point that I can put hardly any weight at all on my right, (read "lead") leg. And we are dancing on Saturday at my Art Co-op's Christmas show. AARGGHHH! if it doesn't calm down I'm not going to be able to dance. And I LOVE to dance. Am going to try and get an appointment with my doctor for some magic! And we have new costumes... and I have to alter the skirt I want to wear... and I have to pack for a week long trip... and I have to set up my artwork for the show....and of course work 8 hours a day..... all this with a sore knee and two days to accomplish this in.


I started this entry on the 1st of this month and yes....my knee is still a problem. Went to doctor, got cortisone injection had one good day, Saturday.....performed, carefully...even did a "work in progress", my tribute to the muse, the "Wine Dance", balancing wine glasses (with wine in them of course!)......then back to the same old hurtin' knee. Called doctor, told to try physical therapy first. Did that; 3 visits with strengthening exercises, ice, electrical stimulation, heat rubs, did it help? NO....back to doctor last night, more cortisone injected, slightly better. Along with referral to a specialist, my next step. Jeezzzzz! Will I ever get better? Worse yet are my fears of never dancing again, dramatic I know, but very real fears! Thank goodness there hasn't been any class or performances due to the holidays....at least I don't feel like I'm missing out! Will keep you posted, faithfull reader!

On another note, we had our annual Bellydance Christmas party at Sultana's. Was fabulous! Aside from the great food and champagne (you outdid yourself, Miss S!) the best part is always the "priate gift exchange". There was much stealing going on....most of it by the Tempest herself, from me! And whose gift do I eventually end up with??? Why the one supplied by the Tempest, of course!!!!!

Quick note to my sisters: Both of you did great solos....they were "works in progress", just like mine. Neither one of them sucked, now mine, on the other hand......! My point being, we are so ready to beat ourselves up, insecure beings that we are. But we are great! We always get many compliments and are asked back time and again to perform. We should learn to take the compliments for what they are.

Happy Holidays!