Look at us now!

Are we hot or are we hot!!!! Posted by Hello

I mean it in the literal sense; we had just finished a hopping 12 minute routine.

I was organizing the pictures on my lap top and came across many pics. I like this one; what do you think of our costumes? Pretty cool huh.

sisters in dance and a very, very cool friend who is part of Genie Dreams Dance Troupe. To reach this stage in the troupe where we do not look like wanna bes took a many hours of rehearsal. It must have been too much for some of the dancers, many have dropped out. Too bad, you would think after all the committment, rehearsal, classes and work one puts into a routine one would stick to it. Then again, this is... what is that old addage? The work weeded out the soft at heart? or is it, "Only the strong survive"? No matter, we go on.

It is pretty early now and I need to get to work, even if it is my last day here, sigh ;(