How does one become a belly dancer?

I have been inspired for many, many years. I started when taking classes at the early stages of 20 years of age. At twenty-four I was pregnant with my now 27-year-old daughter. When I became a mom, my dancing took the back stage.

When the children finally left the nest and I am on the other side of the continent, I began looking for a new place to take classes. Unfortunately, my experience here is CA was not a very good one. Like many middle-aged women, I really resent the way young girls treat us; you know what I am talking about. Therefore, my search for a dance class became a chore and I left it alone.

Then the City of Vallejo's Diversity Day came along and I had a vendor's booth. While selling my unusual wares, I heard phenomenal music and my girl friend and I just started dancing in the booth. I was fortunate to have my booth by the stage and I watched in awe of the belly dancers, unaware that I was to become part of that troupe. The dancers were good and they varied in age and sizes.

A couple of months later, I received the community events magazine and found the belly dance classes that were held once a week at the cultural center in the City of Vallejo. Wow, how cool is that! That was when I met the most terrific women of all shapes and sizes and a wide range of age. Finally, I place I felt most comfortable and that my friend was how I became a very proud Middle-Aged Belly Dancer!