Having a good time

Clowning around before a perfornance ;) Posted by Hello

This picture was taken a couple of hours before going on stage at Rakkasah West 2004. We had a sort of picnic before going in and getting dressed. As you can tell, we are not in costume. Surprise! :)

The beautiful dancer in the middle was part of the Genie Dreams Dance Troupe a couple of years back, in the City of Benicia. She performed with us that day; long story, I kind of dragged her into being part of the routine. She is totally awsome; due to her work schedule she is unable to participate in many of the performances. Hopefully her schedule will change and she can once again join us.

Well, can you guess which one is me? Come on, it is not that difficult. There you go, I am the one with all the gray hair ;)

The beautiful blonde on the right is a member of Sisters In Dance, guess which one.

Any hoo, it is past nine and I need to get some rest. Tomorrow we are perfoming and afterwards is the tree lighting ceremony on the Waterfront in the City of Vallejo.

Need to rest up for the three hours of preparation and to work on a new solo, eeeek!

Good night all.