The Day After

The dance troupe performed yesterday afternoon at the City of Benicia's Women's Art Coop.

Considering the crappy day I had and how unhappy I was about my costume, it all turned out okay.

It is the day after and I am in excruciating pain. Let me explain, I have had two back surgeries in my time and I am in constant pain; some days are better than others. I have tried everything, from accupuncture, accupressure, massages, yoga, physical therapy, medication, etc... Nothing helps. I am stubborn and refuse to let this pain get in the way of my life.

So, to make a long story short, I always end up doing moves that my back really, really resents and it takes a couple of days to recoup. Don't care, I love the dancing and I love sharing this beautiful art with others. I just take it easy for a couple of days after.

By the way, I did try out my new solo yesterday and guess what, no one liked it, but one of my friends in the audience cheered me on when the solo ended. Geez, I did try and the solo is a bit rough around the edges; but a little encouragement would have gone a long way. Maybe I am just asking for too much; maybe the routine does blow. Who the heck knows; I am far from a professional and far from looking like young hard bodied belly dancer. Aging sucks.

Tell me, why am I doing this again?