The saga continues:

Last night we, the Sisters, gathered to continue the work on a new sword routine. We are so trying to have this routine ready for Rakkasha 2005. Needless to say, we were all tired last night and decided to have a glass of wine before starting the choreography. I showed the sisters the developing website and we went over what had happened on Tuesday night. That was when I realized that the encounter between me and the dancer was only a sprinkle on the cake. Apparently she has made many friends (I am being acerbic) since starting classes a couple of months ago.

Just as we were about to go over the written choreographed part of our routine, the phone rang. It was Loa, director of Genie Dreams. Apparently she needed to talk and she was more than welcome to come by and share her thoughts. Loa upon her arrival was a wee bit out of sorts. Evidently our friend has pulled the race card, again. According to Loa, our dancer friend called Loa the night before and just went off. Calling Loa a racist and getting mixed signals and picking up signs. Poor Loa, she dealt with that woman for a good forty-five minutes, unable to get a word in edge wise.

It is unfortunate; this dancer is intelligent and beautiful with the ugliness of self-importance. In her world she is being victimized by Loa because of her skin color. Mind you, both troupes, Genie Dreams and Sisters in Dance are totally diverse. We are every shade under the sun and may I add size. This makes no difference to us. It is the love of dance that brings us together. Therefore, in my opinion, this dancer does not belong with us.

Any thoughts on this matter, have other troupes gone through this?

Stay tune for more.