Happy Holidays!

Well, another Thanksgiving come and gone. As usual, I miss my family more on these holidays than on any other day. I am a transplant from New York City and my family are all still living on the East Coast; New York and Florida.

Rick and I were blessed with invites for dinner and even had a Thanksgiving brunch at a friend's home. That was totally lovely.

Dinner was spent with Estefania and her family; how cool was that. I had no idea of her culinary skills; she had really out done herself and I was totally impressed and totally stuffed by the time dinner ended.

Today I spent the entire day on both computers, again. I was not aware of how tired I am; the grieving process sure takes a toll on one physically and mentally. I have yet to take off my pj's; I know, gross.

I am dealing with the loss of Baby b much better today. Rick is still trying to accept the loss, every once in a while he just looks so sad and that breaks my heart even more; these things do take time.

Any hoo, tomorrow is another day, Saturday as a matter of fact. I will take advantage of the extra day off and go out and reek havoc in the City of Vallejo and maybe San Francisco :)