A Great Personal Loss

How can one deal with a loss of unconditional love?

A love that exists, that is felt, that is

Such a loss hurts the heart beyond description

And unless someone suffers the same loss, there in no explaining it

How can you share your loss without having someone feel obligated to say something in return?

Your grief so great that even the most sincerest of comments; fall upon an unfeeling heart.

I now have a void that will not be filled, no matter what I do.

I held his lifeless body in my arms, praying against all hope that he might still be alive.

He was lying in a puddle of his own blood, in the middle of the street; some of his blood is now on my sweater.

A reminder of how callous and unfeeling humans have become.

Another hit and run, another statistic, another cat.

Baby b, you will always be remembered and loved no matter where you are now.

Life goes on, Thanksgiving is here, it would have been his third one.

I am missing you very, very much.

~ Baby b was hit by a car yesterday afternoon, he was two and a half years old. My husband found him in a box by our back door. He was only a couple of days old then; his eyes were still closed. He became one of the family and treated as if he were one of our children.