Decisions, Decisions

Well, it really stinks when money talks and BS walks. This reference is made by the outcome of the Presidential race. Well, if you really want to call it that. It seems to me that even though the majority of folks wanted Bush out of office, he's still there....

Sorry, need to leave politics alone; it just makes me crazy. Any hoo, it has been decided to add the confessions part to the Blog title. We shall see how the change will affect our site.

As far as the troupe; we are so unique and yet we have so much in common. Does that make any sense? While I will voice my opinions, my sisters are feeling the same.

It's tough trying not to hurt feelings and trying to find the right words to say, actually makes my head hurt. For example, the latest victim of my "voice" left class without a word. There is a personality conflict between her and I; I feel her to be very abrasive and pushy. I was polite at first, for I was once in the beginners class and everyone has the right to attend the advanced class; regardless of dance level. However, as time went on my patience was titering on non-existence.

Stay tune for more.