At Last

Thanks Estefania, but the website is just partially completed. For those of you who are curious, here is the link:
I have yet to put up the links page, music, about us, contact... Okay, I'm tired just listing them. This web site was done out of Notepad. Yep, I spent hours grueling over HTML tags, CSS scripts; I'll save you the gory details. Any who, hurray!!!!

Saturday was a blast and although there were not so many people there (Dan Foley Cultural Center in the City of Vallejo, CA), it is all in the dance and of course dress up.

I do have one comment though; we have a dancer with Genie Dreams, who has to do a double veil no matter what at every performance. It is pretty funny when you think about it, but if you are unaware... while you are doing a veil, out of the clear blue sky the veil will be snatched out of your hands and miliseconds later she twriling her little heart out; she has left many a dancer with a look of astonishment on their faces, very funny.

Well that's all for now.