Happy Holidays!

Well, another Thanksgiving come and gone. As usual, I miss my family more on these holidays than on any other day. I am a transplant from New York City and my family are all still living on the East Coast; New York and Florida.

Rick and I were blessed with invites for dinner and even had a Thanksgiving brunch at a friend's home. That was totally lovely.

Dinner was spent with Estefania and her family; how cool was that. I had no idea of her culinary skills; she had really out done herself and I was totally impressed and totally stuffed by the time dinner ended.

Today I spent the entire day on both computers, again. I was not aware of how tired I am; the grieving process sure takes a toll on one physically and mentally. I have yet to take off my pj's; I know, gross.

I am dealing with the loss of Baby b much better today. Rick is still trying to accept the loss, every once in a while he just looks so sad and that breaks my heart even more; these things do take time.

Any hoo, tomorrow is another day, Saturday as a matter of fact. I will take advantage of the extra day off and go out and reek havoc in the City of Vallejo and maybe San Francisco :)



Happy Thanksgiving

Just want to say thank you all for being there and I am especially thankful:

I am thankful for my understanding and loving husband, Rick.
I am thankful for my sisters in dance, Tempest Sultana and Estefania.
I am thankful Loa and her open heart.
I am thankful for my good health.
I am thankful that Baby b is in a happy place.

I love Thanksgiving,
the way the house feels all warm and fuzzy.
The aromas of coconut, cinnamon, roasting meat,
bringing family members together; even unrelated families.
Knowing we are disfunctional and loving one another anyway.

Yes, I do love the holidays.

Happy Holidays Gang!!!


My Baby b Posted by Hello

A Great Personal Loss

How can one deal with a loss of unconditional love?

A love that exists, that is felt, that is

Such a loss hurts the heart beyond description

And unless someone suffers the same loss, there in no explaining it

How can you share your loss without having someone feel obligated to say something in return?

Your grief so great that even the most sincerest of comments; fall upon an unfeeling heart.

I now have a void that will not be filled, no matter what I do.

I held his lifeless body in my arms, praying against all hope that he might still be alive.

He was lying in a puddle of his own blood, in the middle of the street; some of his blood is now on my sweater.

A reminder of how callous and unfeeling humans have become.

Another hit and run, another statistic, another cat.

Baby b, you will always be remembered and loved no matter where you are now.

Life goes on, Thanksgiving is here, it would have been his third one.

I am missing you very, very much.

~ Baby b was hit by a car yesterday afternoon, he was two and a half years old. My husband found him in a box by our back door. He was only a couple of days old then; his eyes were still closed. He became one of the family and treated as if he were one of our children.


Bad color choice

Sorry about the last color choice. Hard to read, yes?

Creating a new dance.

Uuuuhhhhggggg! I am trying to get inspired to create a new dance. Sometimes it happens quick, but not today. I'm trying out some new moves but sometimes it just doesn't work. I decided to take a break and go outside and rake up a few thousand leaves. Hours later and tired of raking, I came back inside to try again. It just isn't happening today. I'm getting frustrated because new gigs are just around the corner. I hope that this is just a dry spell and that one day very soon I will be able to overcome this. Calgon, take me away!!!!!!! Tempestsultana


Performance Coming Up

After Thanksgiving, we shall be perfoming once again for the Benicia's Women Coop. This is a great place to perform, there is no stage per se and it is so much fun. The ladies are just so wonderful and to be surrounded by such beautiful artwork. I can't wait!

If you are in the vicinity of Benicia, CA on December 4th, stop by the cannery on 1st Street; trust me you will not be disappointed with the art work or the very gifted and wonderful women who belong to the coop.
Okay, this is really, really bad. I am currently downloading analog music and converting it to digital on my pc and I am working on this post on my laptop simultaneously, on a Friday night; can someone say, "get a life?"

so sad, thank goodness I have belly dancing in my life ;(



I Confess.........

1) ...yes I am, gulp, middle aged physically....mentally, oh about 30ish!
2) ...I am a clothes horse, thus there is a closet dedicated solely to my costumes.
3) ... I love wigs! Especially my purple one!
4)...love the following blogs: Dooce (my favorite), Blurbomat (Dooce's husband), Mighty Girl, Symbioticfishes and Savemouse
5)....now that we have a blog I have writer's block!
6)...hate "prima bellydance-arinas" (I made that up...make myself laugh! but oh, so true).
7)...I have way too much fun dancing, that includes dressing up, playing with make-up, wigs, scarves, turbans, etc.
8)....I wish I didn't have to work for a living....anyone want to be a patron of the arts??????
9).... I really do have writers block....

More another time!


Spend, Spend, Spend

Geez, well it is the day after shopping and let me tell you, I am totally exhausted. The Genie Dreams troupe costume are very cool. Needless to say, I ended up buying another skirt and choli top for the Sisters In Dance troupe. These are beyond beautiful., you must see to understand.

We picked up the costumes after Estefania and I hit Hancock fabrics. Great sale, but still a bit pricy when you think of the yardage needed. Any who, I bought some Tricot in a fabulous fucia. I think I will be making a one of a kind choli and if the final product turns out as I have envisioned, then I will do one for my sisters in dance.

Well better get back to altering a sewing pattern for this choli I am designing. This after spending 7 hours working on the computer.



The Hunt Begins

In the search for something different in the belly dance world is quite difficult; unless of course you do it yourself. That too becomes a challenge; finding the right pieces to put together.

Today Loa and I are going to pick up pieces of costumes which the troupe ordered. I am so looking forward to that. Estefania and I are to go fabric hunting; she would like a pair of pantaloons; but it has to be the right fabric. Just like the hunt for music, it has to be unusual but nice. So the hunt begins.; going to various fabric stores and looking, touching, feeling; oh joy, the essence of shopping.



Books for Soldiers

Received an e-mail this afternoon requesting care packages for the soldiers in Iraq. I went to the web site for the very first time and was very impressed. Here is a link:

I will be shopping tomorrow for these guys. Anything you can do would so appreciated by the soldiers; especially during the holidays, when they are missing home.



At Last

Thanks Estefania, but the website is just partially completed. For those of you who are curious, here is the link:
I have yet to put up the links page, music, about us, contact... Okay, I'm tired just listing them. This web site was done out of Notepad. Yep, I spent hours grueling over HTML tags, CSS scripts; I'll save you the gory details. Any who, hurray!!!!

Saturday was a blast and although there were not so many people there (Dan Foley Cultural Center in the City of Vallejo, CA), it is all in the dance and of course dress up.

I do have one comment though; we have a dancer with Genie Dreams, who has to do a double veil no matter what at every performance. It is pretty funny when you think about it, but if you are unaware... while you are doing a veil, out of the clear blue sky the veil will be snatched out of your hands and miliseconds later she twriling her little heart out; she has left many a dancer with a look of astonishment on their faces, very funny.

Well that's all for now.


Our webpage is up.....Medina you did a beautiful job! I love it! We are official......

And Saturday, what a blast! You two, Medina and Tempest, are both so right on, getting ready is half the fun! The anticipation of being on that stage and dancing away....ah, yes, those two hours of prep time are way worth it.

Gotta go, more later.......



Another day, another show and my 15 min. of fame.

Hello, Yes it is time to start getting ready for the next show. I need 1 1/2 to 2 hours to prepare for 15 minutes of stage hording time. Is it worth it? OF COURSE!! A diva will go to great lenghts to get her fame. And, she has to look good doing it. Spackle, bondo, paint and push-ups all required. I'd say that half my fun is the foreplay of getting ready. All that tension build up, my floor covered in what I might have worn, bendi's and wigs everywhere, false eyelashes wrongly adhered to the back of my hand, glitter gel on everything, and yet I love it. Time to get ready. Break a leg.

Benicia, CA 2004
We had a blast that day. It is wonderful to share one's art form. The women who participated were totally awesome and their art work was just as wonderful as they were. We will be performing again in December. Stay tune and I will give you a date.
MPosted by Hello


The saga continues:

Last night we, the Sisters, gathered to continue the work on a new sword routine. We are so trying to have this routine ready for Rakkasha 2005. Needless to say, we were all tired last night and decided to have a glass of wine before starting the choreography. I showed the sisters the developing website and we went over what had happened on Tuesday night. That was when I realized that the encounter between me and the dancer was only a sprinkle on the cake. Apparently she has made many friends (I am being acerbic) since starting classes a couple of months ago.

Just as we were about to go over the written choreographed part of our routine, the phone rang. It was Loa, director of Genie Dreams. Apparently she needed to talk and she was more than welcome to come by and share her thoughts. Loa upon her arrival was a wee bit out of sorts. Evidently our friend has pulled the race card, again. According to Loa, our dancer friend called Loa the night before and just went off. Calling Loa a racist and getting mixed signals and picking up signs. Poor Loa, she dealt with that woman for a good forty-five minutes, unable to get a word in edge wise.

It is unfortunate; this dancer is intelligent and beautiful with the ugliness of self-importance. In her world she is being victimized by Loa because of her skin color. Mind you, both troupes, Genie Dreams and Sisters in Dance are totally diverse. We are every shade under the sun and may I add size. This makes no difference to us. It is the love of dance that brings us together. Therefore, in my opinion, this dancer does not belong with us.

Any thoughts on this matter, have other troupes gone through this?

Stay tune for more.




Oh Medina! Opening a can of worms.....

Anybody out there in a troupe care to comment on this???? What happens when personalities clash? Or more to the point when egos get in the way. As our blog title suggests, I'm too old and life is too short. I am in the class/troupe to dance, no time to be a "prima bellydance-arina"!

Let us know......

(so much for my first entry)

Medina Dances!! Posted by Hello

Decisions, Decisions

Well, it really stinks when money talks and BS walks. This reference is made by the outcome of the Presidential race. Well, if you really want to call it that. It seems to me that even though the majority of folks wanted Bush out of office, he's still there....

Sorry, need to leave politics alone; it just makes me crazy. Any hoo, it has been decided to add the confessions part to the Blog title. We shall see how the change will affect our site.

As far as the troupe; we are so unique and yet we have so much in common. Does that make any sense? While I will voice my opinions, my sisters are feeling the same.

It's tough trying not to hurt feelings and trying to find the right words to say, actually makes my head hurt. For example, the latest victim of my "voice" left class without a word. There is a personality conflict between her and I; I feel her to be very abrasive and pushy. I was polite at first, for I was once in the beginners class and everyone has the right to attend the advanced class; regardless of dance level. However, as time went on my patience was titering on non-existence.

Stay tune for more.


First Day

Happy Birthday Sisters In Dance Blog!!

We are trying to get our website up and running. However, it is taking more time than anyone of us had imagined. It is, however, in the process of being.

Stay tune for more ;)